Welding: The 10 Must Have Hand Tools Of Every Welder

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Welding: The 10 Must Have Hand Tools Of Every Welder
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http://www.theathomewelder.com Find out the 10 absolute must have hand tools you need to get started welding. Learn why you need these tools to start welding and where you can get the tools to get you welding fast and with very little or no money.

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do you know what do ... ( 5 years ago by mauricio chacon)
do you know what do I need to do to hook up 240v plug at home? do I need to
mess with the brakers?
Toolroom guy here. ... ( 1 year ago by Ob Fuscated)
Toolroom guy here. Choose your grinder by MODEL as each brand have a
variety of models, some better than others. Welding forums are useful to
ask about SPECIFIC current models before purchase. I bought quality even
when I was a hobbyist because quality pays, but if I had to I'd use a
throwaway tool because so long as the job gets done everything is
expendable at the right price.
The most versatile first grinder to buy is likely a Metabo SIX inch since
it fits 6" cutting disks yet is the physical size of a 4 1/2" grinder. Use
a guard when operating a grinder with a wire brush, as those eat flesh!
I wear long cuff TIG gloves for most work, not short work gloves (doh), but
I keep heavy welding gloves for where they work best.
Every gearhead has snips, but new MIG welders should get a pair of welpers
unless they are desperately poor.
Silver pencil beats the excrement out of Sharpies if worklng where a
scriber is unsuitable. Sharpies rule in machine shops though.
Get a full FACE SHIELD for grinding. Goggles interfere with vision, fog up
and don't protect your cheeks. Jackson make decent ones with replaceable
New welders should visit their local welding supply to get a feel for
equipment choices. There is a reason welders dress like welders. Copy
success, and there is NO substitute for "time under the hood" so SYSTEMATIC
practice is what to do. If you are in Bumphuque, Alabama or similar, you
can visit welding forums and post pics of your work for feedback. Make
detailed posts because welders aren't the type to "bottle feed" ya.´╗┐
I suggest deleting ... ( 1 year ago by Ob Fuscated)
I suggest deleting this video and redoing it when you know more lest people
who see it and don't know better be mislead.´╗┐
@ 2:19 If i use the ... ( 1 year ago by DGonUT)
@ 2:19 If i use the adjustable wrench to hit things with than why do I need
two hammers ?´╗┐
- a good fitter/ ... ( 11 months ago by rickster348)
- a good fitter/weldor alway's has at least one, "half a clamp" in their
tool box.´╗┐
I'd suggest taking ... ( 1 year ago by Gee Dubb)
I'd suggest taking off any metal jewelry as well when welding w/ electric.´╗┐
Other than buying/ ... ( 1 year ago by rcsavager)
Other than buying/borrowing that welder, do you know ANYTHING about actual
welding, safety, quality, etc? For a "athomewelder" channel you sure made
an ass of yourself to folks that actually know a few things about welding.
PS: I love the gauntlet comment. Right on the money. Now, how do I find my
way out of the alleyways of YT and get back to the real world? /sigh´╗┐
What about a beer ... ( 10 months ago by iw63boomer)
What about a beer cooler? And hard liquor? Apparently you have NO real
experience! What are we having for lunch? Did you think of that?´╗┐
I don't think this ... ( 1 year ago by Justin Walsh)
I don't think this guy has ever welded before. hes a jackass. i would kill
that nutless grinder in 5 minutes´╗┐
SERIOUSLY BAD ... ( 1 year ago by EZRIDER327)
SERIOUSLY BAD advice here´╗┐
Ok so never seen ... ( 1 year ago by DeputyDodge F)
Ok so never seen Home Depot rent anything in Calif. and Yo to RCSAVAGER
,LONG SLEEVES, EYE PROTECTION,levels NUMEROUS other things that were
commented on but not in the video .I ALWAYS SAY IF YOUR GONNA TALK ABOUT
IT, KNOW ABOUT IT. And I have had my $29.00 RYOBI 41/2 " grinders for
almost ten years and no issues AS to NORTHERN EQUIPT they are like Harbor
Frieght choose carefully. But hey he seems to be a nice enough guy as well
as a little nervous ´╗┐
Dude you need to ... ( 1 year ago by chris simpson)
Dude you need to burn about 10 spools and 20 lbs of rod. But your nice and
clean and the equipment looks unused. Two thumbs up for cleanliness. BTW
guys everyone in the industry feild welding uses dewalt 4.5's and makita 5
inches. ´╗┐
sucks´╗┐ ( 11 months ago by Alex Sanchez)
Lol! If my first ... ( 1 year ago by Joely21)
Lol! If my first year apprentice caught you migging with those little
gloves he would take off one of his shoulder high gauntlets and bitchslap
you with it. They make em for a reason, they are awkward for a little while
but you will get used to them and they will make you a better welder. Fat
Sharpie? Nah mate, scriber, you start off accurate and you have a better
chance of finishing that way. Never buy cheap grinders either, if you are
working aluminium and steel the choice is Makita or Milwaukee only,
anything else and Thermite will kill your grinder quick. If no Aluminium,
Bosch Dewalt and Metabo are good reliable work horses.´╗┐
Helpful :)´╗┐ ( 8 months ago by TheRedHannya)
Helpful :)´╗┐
Wire brush? ... ( 1 year ago by Damon I)
Wire brush? Chipping hammer?´╗┐
probably you don't ... ( 6 months ago by taquenos)
probably you don't know what you're saying about grinders. there is a
reason why makita costs more and why when you try it you never come back to
the 40 $ ones´╗┐
Im i crazy or is ... ( 4 months ago by pueblo bueno)
Im i crazy or is there no computer in a welding helmet. Auto darkening
glass darkens when the light gets extremely bright in one side of the
glass, At least as i common sensed out.´╗┐
Not sure if this ... ( 3 months ago by 24auhr)
Not sure if this comes in under the babnner of "tools" but an apron and
glasses are also "must haves"´╗┐
Wow this video has ... ( 5 months ago by Barbara Walters)
Wow this video has thumbs up. "Im going to show you" <---- Then show it.
I thought I was ... ( 1 month ago by OhshitPositive)
I thought I was about to watch a Roosterteeth video with that intro´╗┐
I don't think I've ... ( 1 month ago by Jeff H.)
I don't think I've ever seen a $500 welding helmet. I suppose there might
be some "designer" painted helmets that are more expensive but most high
end auto darkening helmets are in the $250-$300 range, essentially half of
your exaggerated price. The $40-$50 auto darkening helmet will work in a
pinch for stick or MIG welding if you do not have an obstructed view.
Without going into the fit and durability issues, the cheap helmets are
missing two essential items. For one they do not have enough sensors to
reliably sense the arc. As you build things up and work inside enclosures,
it becomes more and more likely you will have an obstructed path to the
sensor and you get flashed. The flashing to your retina is accumulative.
You can't just go take a vitamin. Preventing this exposure can prevent
cataract surgery later. Does the savings on a cheap helmet seem so great
when you have to have surgery later in your life to correct the damage
done? Secondly, they do not have a sensitivity setting that allows you to
protect yourself at lower amperage settings so that even with a MIG welder,
you can fire the welder with less amperage than will trigger the sensor
when welding thin sheet metal and are hopeless for TIG welding.´╗┐

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